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Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies


Star Health Insurance offers various health insurance plans to meet customer’s needs and provides hassle-free in-house claim settlement. With our health insurance plans, you can benefit from: Cashless Facility,Tax Exemptions, Value-Added Services,Enduring Trust,Customer Centric.

Health Plans offer financial security to meet health related contingencies. Due to changing lifestyles, health issues have not just escalated, they have increasingly become more complex in nature.

HDFC ERGO offers 3 types of Health Insurance Plan i.e. Indemnity, Top-up and Fixed Health Insurance paln. While indemnity based health insurance and top up plans pay for medical bills on actual basis, a lump sum benefit based health insurance plan pays you in one go or lump sum. Its beneficial for meeting endless medical expenses arising out of critical ailments such as Stroke, Cancer, Paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc

The insurance that bears the medical and surgical expenses of a person due to illness is known as health insurance. Costs of medicines, consultation fees, and other hospitalization expenses are all included in health insurance.

Most health insurance plans comprise a cover for pre-existing illnesses; however, this cover usually gets activated after the expiration of a waiting period. Therefore, if you want immediate cover for a pre-existing illness, you must select a health insurance plan with a short waiting period. The Tata AIG health insurance benefits include a cover for pre-existing illnesses after the expiration of three years of the plan's tenure.

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance policy secures your finances against sudden medical expenses. It comes with an option to include your family under one policy called the family floater option. You can choose coverage for your family health insurance as per your medical needs such as maternity cover, OPD cover, critical illness cover, donor expenses cover, etc.

Maturity Benefit is the Sum Assured on Maturity, which is equal to the Sum Assured under the policy and will be paid as lump sum. The Policyholder has the flexibility to choose any one option from the two Maturity Payout Options, to receive this Maturity Benefit during the Maturity Payout Period.

When it's about the protection of you and your loved ones, there shouldn't be any scope left for doubt. That's why go for an insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage, and that too at an affordable premium.

The Niva Bupa Health App (formerly known as Max Bupa Health App) enables policyholders to book OPD appointments with doctor or a pathology lab for running diagnostic tests, it enables them to take e-consultations and get medicines delivered at home while also providing easy access to their health insurance plans on-the-go.


The GIPSA is a certain procedures to safeguard customers from being charged more by hospitals which in turn will ensure better utilization of Sum Assured in the Health Insurance. Procedures like Kidney Transplant, Total Knee Replacement, Liver Transplant, Dialysis, etc. are generally covered under GIPSA Rates.

AITL provides service related to Enrollment, claims processing both cashless and reimbursement to our insured. AITL is also the first TPA to handle the RSBY project.

MDIndia Healthcare Service(TPA) Pvt.Ltd. were very soon leading company in the insurance sector. Thes success of the company has been built year on year by an ability to anticipate the future requirements of the Health insurance industry.

Vipul MedCorp Insurance TPA provide healthcare facilitation & has obtained a license from IRDA for TPA activities (Health) and offers its clients a wide array of services and products like Third Party Administration (Health) services (TPA), HealthCare Assistance Services, Preferred Service Provider (PSP) Networks.

Vidal Health Insurance TPA provide top quality TPA services to Health Insurance policyholders and be the most preferred TPA in India. We have been empanelled by leading insurance companies, both public sector and private, across different regions of the country.

Our Health Benefits Administration model delivers the tools necessary for a health plan to succeed, whether it’s our modular claims management system, our technology that unveils data to make crucial decisions, or our service solutions built around the voice of the customer. In short, our goal is to link our success to that of our members.

Raksha Health Insurance TPA is one of the premier & leading Third Party Administrator in providing services through Web based technology linking the Insurer, Insured and Provider. Raksha committed to total customer satisfaction by providing the best services within the defined guidelines to their requirement on consistent basis through continual improvements in our activities. We have long term relationship with our principal clients.

We aim to be the preferred destination for insured to provide easily accessible, fast & reliable information to facilitate Health Insurance Transactions. We strive to be an effective facilitator between the various Stakeholders of the Healthcare Ecosystem – Insured, Insurer and the Medical Service Provider, simplifying Health insurance.

Heritage Health Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd (Heritage Health) believes in quality service and customer satisfaction through its efficient & timely service delivery. As a TPA we provide Health Services to the Health Insurance policyholders of Indian Insurance companies.

Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. acquired a license from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, to act as a TPA, when the concept of TPA was at a very nascent stage. Today, it is one of India’s leading Third Party Administrators (TPA).

Good Health Insurance TPA Ltd. (GHITL) is one of the earliest TPAs in India. The organization is run by thorough professionals from Insurance, medical and Finance fields. We have built expertise and capability in providing services in every field of Health Insurance like Retail, Group/Corporate, Ayushman Bharat and other Government / Mass policies, Pre-policy check-ups, Wellness Programs, etc.

We are trying to help health insurance policy holder to get all information regarding network hospitals in India at one place,TPA, PPN, GIPSA contact details during any medical emergency. All policy holder can easily find state wise hospitals list of cashless Preferred Provider Network (PPN), Third Party Administrator (TPA), GIPSA - Preferred Provider Network Hospitals of Public Sector Insurers of any Insurance Companies in india.

We provide quality health care, either through their own health care delivery systems and/or through the network hospitals/accredited health institutions. TPA functions as an intermediary between the insurer and the insured while servicing, the TPA is expected to monitor and regulate the cost and expenditure of the medical care also.

FHPL has a range of allied healthcare and wellness service offerings focused on delivering a holistic set of services to our members.FHPL Mobile Sparrow is accessible on all IOS and Android devices providing a comprehensive range of services like access to policy wordings and benefits, e-cards, network hospitals, claims and many other features.

The strength of the Company lies in its highly trained and motivated work force that covers various disciplines and has vast expertise. The Company has developed various types of insurance covers to cater to the needs of both the urban and rural population of India. The Company has a technically qualified and competent team of professionals to render the best customer service.

We provide comprehensive information to the Insured and the Insurer. We have tie up with more than 5,500 hospitals over the length and breadth of the country for giving cashless services to policyholders. Our Software is fully capable of handling claims and has ability to generate tailor made MIS reports/statistics as required by Insurance Companies/Organizations and other governing bodies like IIB, TAC & IRDA etc.